The Legend of the Burger Hunter Part 1 of 1: Wayback Burgers

Some say the burger hunter is crazy. Some say he’s inspirational. Others say he is hungry with power. Honestly, I’m just hungry for burgers. Hungry enough to run TWO MILES (honestly who does this) to try out this new burger joint that opened up in my home town (for the second time). So I put on my Nike Free Run 3.0s (shout out to Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman), grabbed my keys and wallet, and jetted out the door. Wait wait. Let’s backtrace (5 points for Gryffindor if you get that reference) back to the first time I had Wayback Burgers.

Twas two days before the second time I had the burger and a couple of friends and I were hungry for something. Something new. Something different. Nestled in the corner of a business circle between a Starbucks, a gas station, and a highway, Wayback Burgers boasts “big, juicy hand-made burgers and real milkshakes…a better burger, made just the way they like it.” I had heard about this place from Bling Bling, and was excited about the prospect of trying a halal style burger. Halal (which means permissible or allowed) is often used in reference to food and drink (thanks Wikipedia) that are acceptable to eat under Islamic law. While not an entirely halal menu, most of the meat is prepared using halal practices. Unfortunately, there is no mention of this on their website (which is pretty nice tbh), which is strange to me, but whatever floats their boat. On to the food!

First impressions of the place: hmm very spacious, wow, nice. Holy $#!@ the burgers are expensive??

WaybackBurgers WaybackBurgers-2

Taking a look at the menu, the first thing I noticed were not the burgers, but the prices. $7-$30 for a burger? I know it’s prepared halal style and a lot of work goes into that, but really? For a place that resembles a fast food joint, are they really worth that price tag?

The first burger I decided to try was the Double bacon burger (4 Slices of Bacon, American Cheese, Topped “Our Way” (Ketchup Mustard Onions Pickles Lettuce Tomato), which was dumb of me since bacon is haram (not allowed). I feel like the mixture of halal and haram style threw me off and the burger did not taste like it was worth 7$. The saltiness of the bacon overpowered the meat, which is supposed to be the star in a burger, but that was one thing that lacked. The patties were way too thin, even though it was a double. Update: They actually use Halal Beef Bacon, which is allowed! Still salty though.  3/5

I did have the MOM (Milkshake of the Month), the Salted Caramel Chocolate Milkshake, which was excellent. Don’t know why I go to all these burger places and the milkshakes end up being better than their burgers. 5/5

WaybackBurgers-4 WaybackBurgers-5 WaybackBurgers-6

A couple days later, I decided it was worth a second chance (everything deserves a second chance yeah?) so I ran back to Wayback Burgers. While the first time I had it their way, I decided it was time to take charge and order it MY way.

WaybackBurgers-8 WaybackBurgers-9 WaybackBurgers-10 WaybackBurgers-11

This time I ordered the MOM with the Wayback Classic (Two patties, kept it their way, and added on grilled onions, chipotle mayo, jalapenos, and sweet peppers). Also ordered onion rings this time.

WaybackBurgers-12  WaybackBurgers-14

The first bite into this burger was noticeably better. Unhindered by the bacon (which is strange because I love bacon) the juiciness of the beef was allowed to permeate my taste receptacles. Don’t know what I mean there, but it was pretty good. Not the best, but lightyears better than the first time.

Burger: 4/5
Onion Rings: 4/5

WaybackBurgers-16 WaybackBurgers-17 WaybackBurgers-18 WaybackBurgers-19 WaybackBurgers-20

While the burgers are expensive, I would say Wayback Burgers is worth trying once or twice, and probably good enough to eat once every six months.

So far, the ranking of the burgers I’ve written about goes as follows:

1. Wayback Burgers
2. Main Street Burgers

I mean I’ve eaten at a lot of burgers and there are many many more burger places to come so stay tuned.

Until next time,
The Burger Hunter or TBH or Brian or DUDE or PhotoThot

Whatever bye.

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